DIRECTION61:3 is a faith-based organization purposed with helping youth transition from foster care into society as thriving adults. While recognizing the need for physical, emotional, and educational support among aging out foster youth, our highest priority is to direct all participants towards a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe this to be foundational in finding permanence and is the precedent for a successful future. Registered with the state of Texas in 2017, this ministry has full non-profit status as a 501c3 organization and was licensed in December 2020 by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services as a Child Placing Agency.

career preparation, life-skills, and the building and establishment of life changing relationships

We practice a holistic approach to aging-out by engaging foster youth in their teens, helping them during the transition process with career preparation, life-skills, and the building and establishment of life changing relationships.  At the completion of their educational and relational goals we support them in career placement, the acquisition of affordable independent living, and the owning of their first car through our transportation initiative.

Most importantly however, we are a family whose ultimate goal is to establish permanent belonging for all residents. Primary to our ministry, this purposeful sense of belonging will carry our now established young adults throughout their lifetime.

Preparing to Age-Out:

We consider the building of relationships with foster youth prior to aging-out as an imperative to success.

Engaging foster youth in their late teens can be invaluable towards the establishment of a positive life trajectory. We consider the building of relationships with foster youth prior to aging-out as an imperative to success. Special events, skills and career assessments, fun-days, and foster family support are all components to helping foster youth prepare for their transition out of the foster care system.


Affordable and stable housing is paramount for youth aging out of the foster care system.  At DIRECTION61:3 we provide such housing, which in turn allows our young adults the freedom to focus on necessary skills/education essential to becoming self-sufficient. Our housing incorporates a comprehensive approach that extends beyond simply a place to live, but provides and promotes a sense of HOME. Moving forward, we envision a network of housing facilities across North Texas with specific attention given to communities where current housing support is not available.


DIRECTION61:3 desires to create a “village” of support for each young person we serve.

DIRECTION61:3 desires to create a “village” of support for each young person we serve.  We value and embrace the building of trust inherent to lasting relationships. And although at times difficult, we are committed to providing consistency and the investment of time fundamental to successful relationships. These ideals are key  to long-term healing and transformation not only in the lives of foster youth, but also in the lives of all individuals, families, and communities. We place high value in building trust in and between our residents/staff. Ultimately, we desire a sense of belonging and community that lasts throughout life.


A major focus of DIRECTION61:3 will be to facilitate practical and academic skills.  Through partnerships with local colleges, trade schools, and businesses, each resident will have the support and resources needed to establish and pursue their career goals.  A large focus will also be generated towards the development of our residents to reaching their full potential as healthy, productive adults. Supportive services will include life skills training, tutoring, mentorships, and peer interaction. Additionally, opportunities for on the job training will be available in certain situations through local business partners.


Of particular importance is the transition into permanence beyond one’s time with DIRECTION61:3. It is our hope therefore to help each young adult acquire their personal housing, obtain a reliable car through our transportation initiative, and become established into a close adult community. All residents will be considered family and invited/encouraged to participate in regular ongoing events beyond their tenure with DIRECTION61:3… Simply stated, we believe in lifelong community.

Transportation Initiative:

In today’s culture it is nearly impossible to secure and maintain any job without reliable transportation. Our initiative guides residents in building savings towards their first car. We educate them on acquiring a license, the car buying process, purchasing insurance, and understanding car maintenance. At the completion of certain goals by the resident, and the supplement of targeted funds or vehicles to the program, we are then able to provide the resident with reliable transportation. For more opportunity on how to participate in the Transportation Initiative please go to the home page, GIVE A GIFT.

Our Programming


THRIVE is a uniquely designed curriculum that incorporates the participation of local professional volunteers and leaders. Life-skills training, tutoring, adult mentors, friends, and business partners who train and offer employment are all facets of this dynamic formula for the success of our transitioning foster teens.


  • a family environment that promotes love and acceptance without judgment
  • the realization of individual strengths and the celebration of goals attained
  • a deep sense of belonging that permeates the life of every young woman
  • the opportunity for young women to embrace and live in everlasting faith
  • life-long community and permanence