The Farm

After careful thought and prayer, and acting in great faith, the Direction61:3 board voted to make an offer on a 4.37 acre property near Meyers Park in McKinney. Since our earliest days the board and I have discussed and held to the belief that a larger tract of land would increase the potential to reach more youth. Although we did not have immediate plans, we do feel the purchase of this property (FARM) to be very strategic and timely to the ministry vision and purpose.

This decisive move is not an effort to discontinue the development of networked residential homes but is intended to expand our effectiveness and to create additional housing options.

To illustrate, this purchase gives potential to the following:

As of May 2022, the main offices of Direction61:3 will be relocated to 3286 County Rd 168, McKinney, Texas, simply called….The FARM. In the months to come we will seek to retire the debt and accept funding for the build out of tiny homes, larger group homes, and program related facilities.  As one who has witnessed firsthand young lives that are forever changed through this ministry. We ask you to prayerfully consider giving to this special initiative.

 We are seeking financial support in the following ways:

When you give, please recognize your contribution will impact scores of young lives in the years to come. 

Dr. Myron Wilson
Executive Director