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Much of what we do is supported through the efforts of volunteerism. Simply stated, without great volunteers the DIRECTION61:3 vision and ministry would not be possible.

With the recent developing ministry in Denton, the acquisition of the 4 acre FARM in McKinney, and the newly acquired contract with the State of Texas, it is of paramount importance to have committed volunteers in many capacities. If interested, please submit an application.

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We’re so honored that you have an interest in working with Direction61:3. The safety of our residents is of course a high priority. Many of our residents are minors according to Texas law. Thus, the ability for volunteers to contribute must be determined and supervised by our professional staff, in conjunction with the Department of Family and Protective Services
guidelines, and the D61:3 board. Please note, the following opportunities are listed by level of qualifications required. They are not listed in any priority.


DESCRIPTION: Primarily working alongside the D61:3 staff. May involve engagement with residents only when staff are present.

REQUIRES: D61:3 Volunteer Registration.

Our desire is for each parent to have a team of supporters specifically assigned to their needs as a foster parent. Participants on this team are asked to do three things: Pray, Encourage and Celebrate. Pray for your foster parent, encourage them through cards, texts, a gift card, or face to face coffee, and lastly celebrate with them in the great moments.

Provide a meal or snacks for the weekly THRIVE group or other special events. This can be a one time or on a monthly basis. This is a great ministry for a local business or church group.

Serve on a planning committee to plan our annual special events including golf tournament, Gala, and
Christmas concert. No special training required.

Serve in a number of ways on this team. Examples: setting up, ushering, parking, breakdown, decorating,
helping to manage a sales table etc.

Work directly with the Executive Director to raise awareness of the Direction61:3 ministry. This involves 3 meetings a year and the desire to communicate to others via email, coffee, lunch etc.


Help with the ongoing maintenance of our facilities. This team shares in maintaining all D61:3 properties and is accomplished from an as available scheduling process. Skills range moderate handy man to professional volunteers and includes anything from cleaning gutters to minor remodeling.

Direction61:3 takes donations of vehicles, our Kingdom Cars team are skilled in auto-mechanics and work to repair cars for designation to youth when the complete their proficiencies. Contact Jackie Wood,


DESCRIPTION: Occasional contact with residents in limited capacity and most likely with D61:3 staff present.

REQUIRES: A background check, copy of your Driver’s License, auto insurance, and driving record.

Education is one of the highest priorities for our residents. Each home will have a specific number of tutors.
We ask for a semester commitment of weekly to bi-weekly visits as needed.

Many of our young adults do not have reliable transportation. We are looking for a team to share the need of transporting residents to church, work, or on occasion to school. This service opportunity is best accomplished through a group of people on rotation. We will however allow registered volunteers to serve on an as needed basis if necessary. A set schedule will be developed as a matter of routine.


DESCRIPTION: Regular or scheduled contact with residents apart from the supervision of D61:3 staff.

REQUIRES: A weekend of foster care training, online training, copies of IDs and personal documentation, and a complete background with fingerprinting.

Provide supervision of residents during day or overnight at the ministry home. Sit at the hospital (emergency situation) with a resident to give the house parents a break. Respite schedule will vary and is flexible.

Work directly with the residents providing practical life skills training in a specific field of interest/expertise. This may include academic support, job readiness skills, career development, social skills, life skills, etc. This is a year-long commitment. This position will require some foster care training and a background check.