Current Needs

The Direction61:3 ministry program is quite extensive by comparison to what is often available for youth aging out of care. To note, many youth come to us with a single shopping bag of possessions. Some have come from programs, homes, and group care facilities where food was rationed due to lack of funds. Additionally, the idea of higher education and personal transportation is an impossibility.

Our hope is to help make these impossibilities attainable realities for the youth we serve. Simply stated, in order to provide and position our youth for success we need support from others. As one might imagine the costs associated with providing continuous care, managing 7 homes, and maintaining 8 properties can be challenging at times. We greatly appreciate your consideration to contribute to the current needs of Direction61:3.

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Every Tuesday evening, we host THRIVE, a uniquely designed curriculum that incorporates the participation of local volunteers and professional leaders. Life-skills training, Bible discussions, tutoring, adult mentors, friends, and business partners who train and offer employment are all facets of this dynamic formula for the success of our transitioning foster youth! We always start with a good meal that welcomes conversation and creates a sense of security as we continue to pour into the lives of our residents. Will you help our efforts by providing a THRIVE meal for our residents, staff, and friends?